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Salado Trio Adding Class!

At Kari & Andrew's recent wedding, the Salado Trio was hired to provide incredible live music before and during the ceremony. They were lovely, and it's always such a nice touch to have live music. It gave the place a "Sunday Brunch at the Country Club" kind of class. Thanks, Ladies!

Beautiful day today with trimming work already starting. Realizing that we're going to lose the oak tree to wilt by the limousine barn, but not much that can be done about that... Lots of chores on the list, and such a great place to do chores!

Special visit with Kyra & Michael yesterday. We so enjoy them and are really looking forward to their very unique and fun wedding day. Apparently, we've reduced her stress quite a bit this week, but I think it may have been the bubbly! Who knows.....what's important is that she knows she's supported and everything is going to work out just great! We're excited about Michael's pursuit of a DPS Trooper's uniform, and want to assist any way we can towards making that dream come true for him. Keep an eye on these two....they're going places... (and not just Lubbock!)

My prayer is that blessings pour forth over everyone reading this blog today and that you have a fresh start to counting your blessings and enjoying them!

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