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Love this serene setting for dinner!

Since it was really a storybook wedding for Dakota & Zach, it's no wonder I keep looking at this photograph and smiling. The scene was like no other wedding at the chapel, and the feel of this outdoor, intimate dinner setup is something special. The weather cooperated, which is always a challenge for an outdoor dinner, so things were just right. Thankful to have helped host such a magical and unique event that day!

Looked at the weather forecast this morning, and it looks like our rainy weather may end for a while on the last day of the month. Unfortunately, K&T's wedding is the day of the month, so we'll deal. All will be wonderful, and with this couple, the fun and warmth will abound!

New vacuum cleaner (exciting, right!??!) at the chapel, since the new one from last month SHORTED OUT and threw the breaker just before A&J's wedding last weekend. Forgot to add that to the power brownout and limousine dead battery from the other day! Again, all of that means they'll be together FOREVER! Good omens!

Hopefully, we'll get the bridal courtyard mowed and sprayed's been tough getting a chance to get it mowed when it's not raining or still wet! Looking at Dakota & Zach's picture above, it's hard to believe the lawn was brown then!

Blessings to everyone for a fun-filled day. BTW, if you've never adopted a pet who really needs a home, it's a truly devine challenge that helps everyone involved! Let us know if you don't know who to talk to!

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