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Super Sunday Celebration!

Kari & Andrew were married here on Sunday, and it could not have been better. Wonderful people to work with, a beautiful bride and a truly good groom. It was such a blessing to be able to have this wonderful wedding ceremony and reception here, and this couple is set for life. Wonderful for each other and truly know what it is to be able to depend on each other. Food was excellent and the groom cleaned up real nice as well! :) We are so thankful to have such appreciative couples....makes us feel like we all worked diligently to make this day tremendous. Blessings to you Kari & Andrew for a long lifetime of happiness!

Not raining at the moment, but it did this morning and Denise says it's pouring in Austin, so we may be getting more. We know to plan for an indoor setup for K&T's wedding this weekend, since the bridal courtyard is a little swampy! All will be wonderful, and we're so looking forward to it. Those two bridesmaids we met this weekend were marvelous!

What a treat to receive not one, but THREE beautiful review from this weekend's wedding families. They've approved their use on the chapel website under 'reviews' and we appreciate them allowing us to share their words of satisfaction. Nothing makes us feel better than to collapse at the end of a wedding weekend and KNOW we've made a difference in special people's lives. What a blessing.

Speaking of blessings....go out there and grab some today! I'm excited to get a back massage tomorrow (I need it!) and other blessings are pouring forth. Have a wonderful day!

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