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3 of our favorites! Flashback....

The day of Noelle and Brian's wedding was so special. Not only were two wonderful people getting married, but Noelle's sister, Talie and her mom Terri were here for the fun. Really love this picture of the three of them, and so enjoy getting to see them all from time to time!

Today is wedding setup day for TWO big events this weekend! I'm hoping the weather forecast stays decent (it's looking better than it was!) but regardless, we'll have two very, very special ceremonies and receptions!

Tremendous visit yesterday with Amanda and Nathan to go over their vows.... going to be a special wedding of two nice folks, and we're hoping for great weather for that one, too! Even the dogs got to come down and visit, and we all went out to the Celebration Garden to check things out. Christian Palmer did an outstanding job of cleaning up the C.G., and it looks great as it grows right along.

Lantana are blooming, roses are cycling back to bud stage, and even zinnias are coming up volunteer! Blessings abound at the chapel, and hope you're getting your own great blessings today as well!

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