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A&Z All Confetti Sparkly!

In so many ways, this really was a dream wedding! I love the faces of the folks, the spirit of fun and happiness. This photo really captures the day, and I love Ellen in the background smiling so brightly. Congratulations, Ashley & Zach, and many years of multicolored, confetti, sparkly happiness!

The rain has been tremendous, and we're supposed to get even more in the next 10 days. We've lived through the times where we prayed for rain so badly, we never complain about too much of it! So far, it's been coming pretty evenly and not to violently, so we're extra thankful.

May get to do some chapel closet reorgaizing today, since it's so badly needed, but it'll depend on the weather. Had a tremendous dinner with the adopted parental units last night and got to sleep in this morning...woohoo!

(side note....don't wait until 4p on Mother's Day to find a rose bush in Salado as your gift!)

Looking forward to having Debbie come visit this week, and may even make some progress on the way cool antique cabinet we bought in Canton. We think it's going to go in the bride's room, but not sure yet. I need to get scrubbing on it to see how it'll turn out.

Blessings to all for a wonderful week of happiness and positive surprises! Don't think you'll get that? Wellllll....maybe it's time to make some of your own!

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