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A Classic Never Gets Old!

Had to bring this photo back from the gallery to the blog. It's a special pic of a very special bride from Caliber Oak. Even though the limousine doesn't have the 'magic mirror' in it anymore, the elegance is still breathtaking! After taking the limo to Mass at St. Helen's this morning for the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, we were reminded how very blessed we are to have such a special car that has helped create such great memories for so many!

Incredible weather day out there today, and I feel like it could rain by complaints from us! No dance class tonight so we're looking forward to our afternoon visit from K & K and then will have the whole night together! Roses still looking good, but fading a bit, so it's time to 'deadhead' and fertilize. Love those blooms, so it's worth it!

Outstanding visit with "Team Thornton" and Chef Michael over the weekend, and I love it when our brides and grooms bring WINE! We're never dissapointed with these two, as their taste in wine and generosity is We can't wait for Kyra and Michael's big day, and it's hard to believe that it's almost here!

Blessings continue to abound, and He's unwrapping them every day here at the chapel. Had an outstanding luncheon with John @ Wildfire in Georgetown today, and just as a reminder....that's a GREAT place for our couples to consider for dinner or catering!

May God hold your hand today if that's what you need, or applaud in joy with you if that's where you're at. Just so you are not alone!

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