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What can you say about a picture like this?

Ok, so Bill and I were evaluating the new, potential light fixture addition to the side of the chapel, and we ended up putting some old corbels in the barn. While we were there, we started talking about the progress made on the entrance gate. Before I knew it, "Romeo Roe" was up on the Romeo and Juliet balcony of the entrance waving to his 'subjects' as they drove by! You just gotta watch this guy all the time....I'm telling ya! Great to have him around, but also great news about his new opportunities!

Otherwise, Denise and I survived another wonderful trip to Canton this weekend, and got some fun, new treasures to add to the house and chapel. Many thanks to Mare for putting us up for the night, and making some amazingly evil potato pancakes. Truly excellent. We stopped at the Old Mexican Inn in Corsicana as we usually do and it was excellent, as always.

Today found me washing not 1 but TWO cars, which is pretty unusual, but Denise was playing with the Salado Trio at Tenroc for a wedding this afternoon and I wanted her car to look good for the group. I knew the Cadillac needed a bath for church tomorrow, so Mrs. Marian Arnaz and I headed for the big shade tree in front of the chapel for the bathing experience. Seriously, when she was done, from a few feet away, she genuinely looked like a brand new car. Thank you, God, for brining us such a delightful vehicle that has been such a fun part of so many weddings and photographs.

Many blessings to everyone this weekend, and don't forget.... God says that we should not fear, and that He will strengthen us! Let's get out of his way and let Him do it!

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