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God's Graces Abound at the Chapel!

So many times we are amazed at how He works. Meeting someone that changes everything.... Prayers lifted up that truly seem to help the situation, and watching Him work everything out 'just right' in our lives. Thank you, Big Guy!

Had to post this oldie.but.goodie picture, since I just love that old chandelier in the entry hall. Chapel is getting all 'spit 'n polished' for the upcoming brunch...and we couldn't do a fraction of what we do around here without the wonderful help of so many. Thank you!

Minor frustration today was the Cadillac not starting, but apparently with a can of liquid flame, a willing co-conspiritor (Bill!) and a moderately charged battery.....exciting things might happen later this evening. Is our insurance paid up? Calling Jeanie Barnhill.....hehehehehhehe

Roses are THE most incredible we have ever enjoyed here at the chapel. Everything is in bloom and it's just a marvel to see. Had an incredible visit with Meagann and Duncan last night........when I say incredible.....based on the quantity of wine and sweets consumed.... well.......difficult sleeping all THAT off in one night! We're so excited about "wedding 2.0" for them, as it will be tremendous and very, very special.

Shout out of thanks to Dr. McGraw for booking the limousine for the upcoming big day, and our very special prom team coming up in just a few short hours. We're so thankful that the limousine has created so many lasting and special memories for so many folks! Viva Henry Ford, apparently!

May each person reading this blog continue to enjoy all of God's wonderful blessings available to us each day. Just ask... He'll deliver faster than a Caliber Oak dinner service! Promise!

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