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English Chapel in the Rainy Mist....

Man, do I LOVE this rainy/misty/English weather! Lots of folks complain about it, but it's such a departure from our hot, hot, hot summer weather, and it helps to give the grass, flowers, etc. such a great start to the season. (Also, a cool excuse to use an umbrella, use a teapot and 'ring up' someone on the phone! :))

Did lots of shopping yesterday afternoon and had a fun day of it together. Rocked the Zumba earlier in the day, a facial for the boss and then we were headed to Mel's in Georgetown for an afternoon of bowling.......not so much. The spring break crowd was there, and we sidestepped that activity. Headed into downtown Georgetown for some cool trinkets on the square and then headed to Wolf Ranch. OUTSTANDING frozen yogurt, a shopping spree at B&BW, and even found Audrey's birthday gift! New cologne for me from Sephora that I had smelled on our head waiter on the cruise (hope I smell HALF as good with it!) and wrapped it up at Best Buy and Hobby Lobby! Funski, all the way around. We have to find a spot for several new mirrors we aquired, and I think the boss is going to wear her new silk, printed overlay, shell, wispy find to church and everywhere else this week. It's mighty cool! Stopped at the library for another Len Deighton book (he's totally my Author du Jour these days) and even ordered some fun stuff off of Ebay and Amazon this morning. We're such con-sumers the last few days....I'm sure the company thinks our credit card has been stolen! heheheh. Looking forward to A&D's big day in a couple of weeks, and all the fun, setup and frivolity that will include! We're both starving as I type, so are going to go rustle something fun up for eats. Blessings to all for a 'brilliant' Saturday (say that in the rainy, UK way, y'all)


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